Restorative Practices and Principles in Education

Many schools throughout Canada are looking at adopting restorative principles and practices to facilitate a sense of community, strengthen communication to reduce conflict, as well as address harm and conflict when it does occur.

My team and I can assist with this transformation by:

  • Providing presentations and workshops for staff introducing the concepts of restorative practices in education
  • Introducing circle dialog processes to staff and students, which include discussions about values, respectful communication, listening and storytelling as a way to deepen understanding and empathy, as well as insights into what causes harm and conflict and how to repair it
  • Providing guidance and facilitation of restorative responses to harm and conflict, including leading formal restorative justice processes
  • Assisting with policy changes towards a culture of restoration

Circle Dialog Processes for Teams and  Other Cohorts

We offer circle dialog facilitation as well as training to allow cohorts to gain the necessary skills to lead their own circle processes as a way of strengthening communication, planning and problem solving.

Facilitated circle dialog processes provide a structured format allowing participants to share their stories, experiences and ideas in a safe and supportive space. Benefits and outcomes of circle dialog processes include:

  • Active participation and open communication to encourage and hear diverse perspectives
  • Increased trust and rapport
  • Collaboration through shared responsibility and decision-making, leading to increased innovation
  • The promotion of inclusivity and equity
  • Increased reflection and growth
  • Avenues for respectful conflict resolution and reparation of harm

Contact me to discuss how we can help with restorative practices in your organization.

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