Building Community ~ Bridging Sectors ~ Transforming Lives
Program Development
Planning from concept through to implementation.
Capacity Building
Assessing your organization's resiliency and sustainability.
Strategic Planning
Providing you with a roadmap to achieve your mission and vision.
Restorative Practices and Principles in Education
Creating restorative practices and principles.
Project Coordination
Coordination, guidance and project oversight.
Meet Carmen Hildebrand & Associates
Introducing myself and my team.
The people you serve are counting on you... and you can count on me.
Hildebrand Consulting:  Carmen Hildebrand |

“I have known Carmen for a number of years on many levels. Recently our board (Volunteer BC) engaged Carmen to undertake a Strategic Planning. We did not want the usual delivery, rather a more simplified format. Carmen delivered what we wanted and needed, resulting in doable measures over the next year. We found Carmen to be articulate, focused, and results orientated. She listens and hears what is being said while engaging in purposeful conversation. Rather than looking at the problems, Carmen focuses on what is possible. What I know about Carmen is that if you are not happy she is not happy.  She will continue to work with your organization until it’s right.”

Anne-Marie Koeppen

President, Volunteer BC

“I have known/worked with Ms. Hildebrand for nearly a decade, in large part because of her diverse skill set. I have hired Ms. Hildebrand over the years to assist with a number of organizational needs, including direct program staffing. However, the main form of work she has provided for JHSCSO has not been direct client service and has related most specifically to program development through which her notable acumen in the area of proposal and report writing, community coordination and education have been of great benefit to the efforts of JHSCSO and myself specifically. Ms. Hildebrand is one of those rare individuals with the perfect combination of service experience and broader knowledge from an administration/service coordination point of view.”

Dr. Shelley Cook

Executive Director, Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria

“Carmen applied herself diligently to her post, calling on her wealth of experience and learnt skills to enable her to fulfil her role in the organisation, working with board members to achieve the organisation’s goals. Stepping in, as she did, at a chaotic time for the organisation, she leaves it in a far better situation and able to continue on its journey. I would recommend Carmen for any post she applies for, as you will always get 100% of her time, energy and enthusiasm.”

Richard Riordan

Past Treasurer, Cowichan Valley Arts Council

“We are so thrilled with the work Carmen did for us on Strategic Planning. The plan is so clear and direct that we use it and refer to it each board meeting. Thank you!”

Denise McArthur

Past President, Cowichan Restorative Justice Society

“Carmen provided leadership in fulfilling the board’s vision and direction and maintained a cordial and friendly atmosphere with her colleagues and with the council’s volunteers.  She was innovative and comprehensive in organizing our volunteers and their commitments, and regularly met with our office manager to maintain smooth transitions and ongoing work efficiencies.  Carmen attended executive meetings, provided us with timely updates regarding her activities, and made us aware of significant issues that arose.  Carmen attended many committee meetings and provided support and valued information to committee members.

Carmen is a very approachable person who emanates a caring attitude which translates as a positive force in her interactions with others.”

Rory MacDonald

Past Secretary, Cowichan Valley Arts Council

“As a professional I find Carmen to be creative and collaborative and someone who is able to efficiently and effectively work towards achieving mutually beneficial goals, as well as finding solutions for those with whom she works.”

Angela McManus

McManus Marketing & Communications

“Carmen Hildebrand acted as the facilitator for The Rucker Archive in a Business Planning Process.  This was the first of its kind and has proved essential in the transition, re-branding and future growth of the company.  She deftly handled the strong personalities, multiple opinions and many ideas that the process generated.  She also was incredibly responsive to the needs and desires of the participants, adjusting the agenda and the planning process to address the identified needs.

I highly recommend Carmen to businesses and organizations who are interested in reviewing their mission and customer profile to use their resources as effectively as possible.”

Alison Moore

The Rucker Archive & OOMPH! Consulting

Program Development

Are you looking for development of a brand new program or to add components to existing programs? I am here to help.

From concept through to implementation, I will assist with all aspects of program development with a view towards long-term sustainability, including:

  • stakeholder engagement
  • concept papers
  • funding proposals
  • needs assessments
  • policies and procedures
  • staffing considerations

Strategic Planning

Whether you need a basic 'nuts and bolts' strategic plan for a new organization or you are a well established organization that needs more advanced planning, I will guide you through the necessary process.

I'll help you to:

  • develop a clearly defined vision and mission
  • understand the needs of your clients, program participants and stakeholders
  • take an honest look at your strengths and challenges
  • gain insight into your current market and sustainability options
  • compile the information required to effectively brand your program or organization
  • delineate a plan for moving forward
  • get energized and motivated

Project Coordination

Need someone to oversee your project details and guide your team?

Whether you need help with a short-term project to just 'get things done', or you have a larger project in mind that requires detailed coordination, I am here to help:

  • create a team environment
  • plan and coordinate activities
  • document milestones
  • generate detailed reports

Capacity Building

Not-for-profits are instrumental in changing lives and transforming communities. It is essential that the people you serve stay at the centre of your decision-making.

Capacity building involves an ongoing, proactive, thorough assessment of your organization, taking into account your calculated risks, admitting your vulnerabilities, and turning threats into opportunities.

Restorative Practices

Throughout my career, I have had a long-standing passion for restorative practices and principles, which guide my overarching philosophy working with individuals and teams.

If you are interested in creating a more restorative school, organization, business or community, I'd love to talk to you!