Capacity Building

The overall capacity of your organization to provide effective services and leadership is the lens through which we will approach your strategic planning, program development and project coordination.

Like overlapping circles, within the container of capacity building each step of the process informs the others to create a consistent path forward.

The diagram above illustrates how all components of your organization need to work and fit together to achieve the best results for the people you serve. Primarily this involves your board (governance structure), your human resources such as staff and volunteers and, of course, your funders and supporters.

The arrows in the diagram point in both directions because information and capacity needs to flow both ways. Whether I help you develop a new program, create a strategic plan or coordinate a project, your capacity for building community and bridging sectors is determined by the flow of communication and coordination between all areas.

Carmen applied herself diligently to her post, calling on her wealth of experience and learnt skills to enable her to fulfil her role in the organisation, working with board members to achieve the organisations goals. Stepping in, as she did, at a chaotic time for the organisation she leaves it in a far better situation and able to continue on its journey. I would recommend Carmen for any post she applies for, as you will always get 100% of her time, energy and enthusiasm.

Richard Riordan
Past Treasurer, Cowichan Valley Arts Council

As I help you with capacity building, we will explore key impact issues, including:

  • How connected you are to what the people you serve want and need
  • What abilities you have to build bridges by partnering and collaborating
  • How you are positioned in the community
  • How connected you are to your stakeholders
  • How financially resilient and sustainable you are
  • How strong and diverse your leadership is
  • Your leadership style and how it is working for you
  • How quickly you can adapt to change
  • How you assess your human resource capacity
  • Tendencies to operate from a fear base versus an opportunity base

Contact me to discuss your capacity building needs or challenges.

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